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Edmond, OK & OKC Area Storm Damage Restoration

Our professionally trained staff will do a complete inspection of all damaged areas. With your authorization, our representative will meet with the insurance adjuster and work to ensure all damages are repaired or replaced. (Remember, the adjuster represents the insurance company, not YOU!) We will work hard to protect you and your investment.

After an agreement for repairs and payouts from the insurance company, we will provide an itemized contract that includes all repairs and total amount of proceeds to be paid by the insurance provider. 

No money out of pocket is needed unless you make upgrades or changes! We do not require any money down. We are paid by insurance proceeds after you are 100% satisfied with the work we have provided.

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Oklahoma Storm Damage: Roof Repair Q&A

Oklahoma often finds itself in the path of destructive storms and tornados that cause devastating property damage for homeowners. Severe weather often causes roof damage, which may or may not be immediately obvious.

If you’ve recently experienced severe weather, or suspect your roof has been damaged in a storm, you likely have a few questions about what to do next.

Immediately document your property damage using photos and video. List items that are damaged and document your losses for your insurance adjuster to review.

You may need to arrange for temporary repairs to your property to prevent further damage. A qualified roofing expert can help you temporarily fix roof damage until your insurance claim is processed.

Most standard homeowners insurance policies will cover storm damage to your roof, but you’ll want to act promptly. Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible to file a claim and report your property damage.

Once you file a claim, your insurance company will send a claims adjuster to assess the damage to your property and note any temporary repairs you made. The adjuster will notify your insurance company about your loss to determine the amount of your insurance claim settlement.

Storm damage usually includes things like wind, debris or hail – which can all cause significant roof damage.

Wind damage usually pulls shingles away or completely off of a roof. Hail damage creates dents and dings on shingles. Debris can break shingles and clog gutters, which increases your risk of water damage.

Roof damage is not always easy to spot from the ground. Call an experienced roofing contractor to inspect your roof and help determine if your roof has sustained storm damage.

It’s a good idea to inspect your roof for damage after any severe weather incident. Roof damage may not be immediately noticeable from the ground and can cause bigger problems like water damage if the damage isn’t addressed promptly.

The most obvious sign of wind damage to a roof is missing shingles or missing flashing, gutters and vents.

A roof inspector may also find thin, horizontal lines on singles that indicate granules have worn off the top of the shingle. This happens if a shingle becomes loose and flaps against the shingles around it.

Asphalt shingles can also crack or break from wind damage. You may also notice bubbles and blistering on the shingle, which are signs that moisture is present within the shingle.

Tile shingles may be broken or chipped after a storm. They can also separate and allow water to enter between the tiles.