What Percentage of Roof Damage Is Covered by Insurance?

The percentage of roof damage covered by insurance can vary based on the insurance company and your insurance policy. Typically, roof damage is covered up to a certain percentage of the replacement cost of your home (based on your insurance company’s estimate). This is known as “replacement cost value” or “RCV.”

For example, let’s say your home is worth $200,000, and your insurance company says the RCV is $50,000. If your roof has damage that costs $25,000 to repair, the insurance company will pay up to $25,000 (or up to the RCV). They will only pay for part of the repairs or the entire cost of a new roof (which could be much higher than $25,000).

The rest of the repairs may be covered by other policies you have with different insurers—for example, homeowners insurance, medical expense insurance, disability insurance, or credit card emergency funds.

After meeting the deductible (if any), any remaining damage is usually paid by an insurance company as Actual Cash Value (ACV): this means it will only be paid based on what it was worth when you bought it (not what it was worth when you damaged it).

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