An Easy-to-Use Guide to Skylight Window’s Longevity

Let’s review the lifetime of a skylight window and helpful reminders to keep in mind when maintaining a lovely skylight.

According to Architecture Lab, skylights typically last between 8 and 15 years, based on the quality of products, material, and how well the skylight window was installed.

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Become very familiar with your homeowner’s insurance policy, and make it fun to find out precisely what you pay for each month. As they say, information is power, and what better knowledge to know about your home. Check your roof warranty before buying skylights. Some policies won’t cover shingles that are damaged during skylight installation.

Installation prices vary widely based on the contractor, the type of roof, and the job’s complexity. As a locally owned company, we believe meeting face-to-face is essential, so you’ll know who you’ll be working with. McCann recommends calling for a free estimate!

Lastly, when thinking about installing a skylight in an area of your home, remember that location matters. Placement is EVERYTHING! Light and temperature inside the room below will be affected by the shape and size of the skylight. According to, a room with several windows should not exceed 5% of the floor area. A room with fewer windows should be no more than 15% of the floor area. Remember, a north-facing location will get consistent light and less heat gain. East facing will get maximum light and solar heat gain in the mornings. Afternoon light and heat gain with a west-facing skylight placement. A south-facing location will provide the best light and solar gain in the winter but usually undesirable heat gain in the summer. Trees can help reduce unwanted heat gain, as can blinds.

Interested in reading more, check out our Hey Homeowners: Skylight Care blog for additional tips and recommendations on caring for your skylight.

In review, having a skylight in your home is a beautiful addendum. However, having this benefit requires a bit of information. Skylights typically last 8 to 15 years, depending on many factors, including the material, location, and quality of installation. Costs for skylight installations rely on the contractor, the roof type, and the project’s scope.

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A 10-year no-hail breakage warranty endorses VELUX Skylights. We believe in our quality of work, installations, and products, so we proudly offer a 10-year no-leak warranty when the skylight is installed by McCanns Roofing & Construction.

Remember, One call does it all, (405) 259-9998 McCann’s Roofing & Construction.

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