How To Keep Your Skylights Clean: 3 OKC Skylight Care Tips

How To Keep Your Skylights Clean: 3 Skylight Care Tips

A skylight can be a beautiful addition to your home, adding natural light to a room.

In this article, you’ll find our top 3 questions from homeowners on caring for skylight windows.

1. How should you clean your Skylight?

Skylights don’t require much maintenance, but they can become dirty and grimy over time. If you notice your window has a hazy look, you can first try cleaning it with simple household items. We recommend moving any items from the room away from the area you’ll be dusting before you gather your cleaning materials.

Grab a long pole, an old rag, or an expandable duster to clear the Skylight of dirt, spider webs, and debris from the ceiling around your window. Mix warm water and a few drops of liquid dish soap into a bucket. Sud and sweep in small sections to gently wash any dirt or grime your Skylight has accumulated. Add warm, clean water to your bucket and rinse the soap away. 

BE EXTREMELY gentle when cleaning your Skylight at home. Using a new dry towel attached, softy dry your Skylight. If climbing on a ladder or extended reaching and gentle cleaning is a concern, reach out to McCanns Roofing & Construction to service your Skylight!

2. How do you stop a skylight from leaking?

When it comes to any leak inside your home: 

Remain calm;

Locate the leak; and 

Dry the area as much as possible; then 

Fix your problem by calling McCanns Roofing & Construction (RLDF).

Identifying the source of a skylight leak can require additional safety equipment and inspection from outside the home. One call does it all when working with McCanns, (405) 259-9998.

3. How long do skylights last?

Since many houses have high ceilings, cleaning or repairing minor issues can be difficult. That being said, Architecture Lab states a skylight lasts anywhere between 8 and 15 years, based on quality and how well it has been installed.

McCann’s offers the best of the best products, including the complete line of VELUX skylight products and complementary accessories from installation to the finishing touches. A 10-year no-hail breakage warranty endorses VELUX Skylights. We believe in our quality of work, installations, and products, so we proudly offer a 10-year no-leak warranty when the Skylight is installed by McCanns Roofing & Construction.

Choose from various VELUX Skylight models to find the best OKC skylight for your home! Are you interested in upgrading with fresh air and fixed skylights? Or does tubular and tunnel skylights that pass all obstacles and use a flexible reflecting tube to direct daylight into every area of your home peak your interest? If you require something different, such as a roof window for your home where the ceiling is within reach or spaces that require emergency escape capabilities, we’re one call away!

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